Contoh Birthday Invitation

Update 25 November 2012

Cuma mau bantu temen-temen doang yang lagi kebingungan,jadinya aku bikin ini:
Diubah-ubah ya jangan persis


Dear Mia,

Hello , I will have a birthday party. It will begin at  (insert date here) on 3 PM. And my address is (insert address here).I hope you can join my birthday party.See you!

If you have some question,ask me at 0856********



versi lainnya

Hello Friends...I would like to invite you to my birthday party.

Place : Pizza Hut Metropolitan Mall Bekasi
Date : 23 October 2013
Time : 3 PM - 5 PM

There will be some games and doorprize too so don't forget to come!
See you at the party



maaf ngasal.... m(_ _)m

Rizumu Maiko ACT 2

Oke,it just trial.when i make it i'm not set the oto. rofl
I know it's bad but i changed it yesterday.and anyone wanna input hiragana for it?i don't have any time Q.Q

Tomoe Mami

Fan Art Tomoe Mami by Nami-san with me !

DA version (omg more than 500 faves.thank you so much ;w;)
hope you like it~